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Hometown is a journey to the past that begins right around the corner - a real American hometown - an audio walking tour of Terre Haute, Indiana in the summer of 1926.

When the Governor and First Lady of North Carolina had an opening for a chef at the state’s Executive Mansion, they wanted more than the promise of a great meal.


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Join Earth Eats for a cooking baking class with children and a coffee brewing session in the great outdoors.
If baking is one of your winter holiday traditions, we’ve got two ideas for you. One of them doesn’t even involve an oven!
This year, the green English walnuts Cardinal Spirits uses to make their Nocino walnut liqueur weren’t available in Indiana. Here’s hoping you have a bottle already stashed!
Sometimes inspiration and meaning can be found in the most ordinary places--- like the kitchen.
Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, Earth Eats celebrates orchards and Black farmers, while questioning holiday food drives.
Producer Josephine McRobbie visits the food science archives at North Carolina State and shares some interesting mid-century experiments.
No need to fear the ghost pepper! Christopher Burrus makes a mean, yet palatable hot sauce with one of the most famous of the super-hots.
In part two of our series about a young couple getting started in farming, we explore the ins and outs of securing a loan from the local Farm Service Agency.
Just in time for Halloween, Earth Eats tours a craft chocolate factory and advises you on what to do with that leftover garlic--once it has done its job of warding off the vampires and evil spirits, that is.
Food Justice is a term that Shane Bernardo uses to talk about his work, but it goes much deeper than that for him.
Explore the foods of Southern road trips with author and illustrator Emily Wallace.
Gluten is crucial for making a bread such as Challah. Eric Schedler shows us how, and we discuss some of the complexities surrounding gluten.
Though Puerto Rico’s tropical climate makes it suitable for year-round farming, the island currently imports 80% of its food, mostly from the United States. Is that starting to change?
Julie Guthman talks with Earth Eats about her research on the present and possible futures of the California strawberry industry.
Have you ever heard of a produce prescription? Some healthcare providers are recognizing the power of fresh foods.
Eric Schedler uses spelt flour to make his pita bread. Hear all about on the show this week.
It’s a struggle to make ends meet on a small family dairy farm. This couple found a way--through cheese!
Listening to the voices of those grappling with what it means to ‘know your farmer.’
A farmer, a restaurant owner, a poet and some presidential candidates--this week on Earth Eats.