WGN - The Mike McConnell Uncut Podcast

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The Mike McConnell podcast from WGN Radio 720

Mike discusses college binge drinking, and also takes a look at how long people have to work to buy a beer.
Mike talks with Phaydra Babinchok about Slutwalk Chicago, which aims to raise awareness on sexual assault. And also, does size matter? Mike also is joined by Aradkna Krishna, University of Michigan Marketing Professor, about the perception of portion sizes of fast food.
Mike is joined by Tim Graham, MRC's Director of Media Analysis, about the the coverage of politics in the news and about this election cycle's coverage. Mike also asks what your favorite car was that bit the dust, and talks with Carbituaries editor Chris Garlington.
Mike goes over some odds and ends and also gives his ideas about how the NFL should enforce penalties.
In the final hour of the show Mike talks about the prison system and goes over a few odds and ends.
Mike talks to a member of the Muslim Youth Organization about an organized walk set to occur this Saturday to help raise money for various charities. Mike also asks, " what is your least favorite word?"
Mike talks about the controversial ending to Monday Night Football's game, and also discusses the Tribune story detailing unequal punishment to students in schools.
Prof. Paul Green is in for his weekly visit, and Mike talks about school policies being put in place to limit the amount of calories students are taking in.
Mike discusses the teacher who filed a lawsuit against a school district after being fired over a racy book he wrote. And also, Mike asks, " what is something you won't give up for a longer life."
It's National One Hit Wonder Day, Mike goes over some classics! And also Mike talks to author Robert Bryce, who is explains why he is against electric vehicles.
Mike talks with Deborah Sutter of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to discuss the current musicians strike. Mike also talks about a story of a female student in Texas who was hit with a paddle by a male school official.
Mike talks to Dr. Robert Provine about his book 'Curious Behavior' which gives insight into contagious behavior. And Mike also talks about a news reporter who is hoping to stop the usage of the term 'illegal immigrant.'
Mike recaps his weekend and talks about the dangers of trampolines.
Mike goes over a list of boycott's in America right now, and goes over some other odds and ends.
Mike talks to Moises Velasquez-Manoff author of 'An Epidemic of Absence' about how being too sanitary can cause unintended problems. And Mike attempts to solve a bit of a mystery involving UFO's!
Mike goes over some odds and ends and also talks about a sign that was posted outside a strip club that sparked some controversy.
Mike goes over some odds and ends, and asks,"What's your phobia?"
Mike discusses the staggering amount of NFL players who are broke after finishing their playing career. And also Mike chats with Dr. Alice Laffey, professor at College of the Holy Cross, about the recently found artifacts that suggest Jesus Christ had a wife.
Monica Lewinsky is coming out with a new book detailing her relationship with Bill Clinton; Mike gives his thoughts. And also, Mike goes over proper elevator etiquette.
Mike discusses a study that was released that says people pay the most per day in taxes in Chicago than any other city in America.