WGN - The Mike McConnell Uncut Podcast

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The Mike McConnell podcast from WGN Radio 720

Mike starts off today's show with the "Don't Tell Rahm" segment, then talks about the controversy over the winning drawing for the Chicago city vehicle sticker that includes a gang sign. Later, an article on beautyandstyle.com that highlights the 5 accesories every man should carry is a bit obvious. Mike ...
Paul Green joins Mike McConnell as he does at 11:00 every wednesday morning to discuss the GOP race, Governor Quinn's State of the State Address, Mitt Romney's latest slip-up, and more.
Mike talks about the 'Dogs Against Romney' group that has formed when word spread that Mitt Romney allowed his dog to ride in a kennel on top of his car. Mike also talks to the Executive Director of the Illinois Tollway, Kristi Lefleur.
Mike talks to a professor from Cornell University, David Dunning, about how people may not be smart enough to realize they aren t good at something. Mike also has a conversation with Illinois Rep. Will Davis about gun registration and ammunition tax.
Mike talks about a dangerous new sport that is played with a Taser. He also talks about a new invention that can silence someone in the middle of their sentence.
Making trouble might have been the best part about growing up. Mike take calls about pranks and trouble makers and shares a few stories of his own. Mike also talks to Sean Parnell, from chibarproject.com, about the history of bars in Chicago.