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The Mike McConnell podcast from WGN Radio 720

What do women really want for Valentine's Day? Mike takes your calls. Then, Mike starts a conversation inspired by the crazy Dad who shot his daughter's computer with a gun: have you ever broken or smashed something on purpose to release some tension? Did it work? Mike takes your calls.
Mike chats with Joseph Epstein, author of Gossip for the first half of the hour, and then later discusses the current state of healthcare in America.
Mike takes the first half hour of the show to chat with Jeff Mudgett, the author of Bloodstains. Then, Andrea Cordts, blogger for Chicago Quirk joins the program to fill us in on the backgrounds of Chicago neighborhoods. Check out her blog here: http://www.chicagonow.com/chicago-quirk.
A man filed a lawsuit against a bar in New Jersey after he got too drunk playing beer pong for 3.5 hours there. Is that fair? Mike takes your calls. Later, Rick Santorum said he doesn't like the idea of women fighting at the front lines for our country because ...
Mike starts off a discussion of what defines something as a sport and what does not. Then, the Chicago Marathon sold out in record time, and Carey Pinkowski, Bank of America Chicago Marathon Executive Race Director, joins the program to comment. At the end of the hour, Mike talks about ...
Paul Green joins Mike as he does every Wednesday morning to talk politics. On today's agenda is Rick Santorum's unexpected primary sweep, Pat Quinn's speed cameras around school zones, and former frontrunner Romney's chances. At the end of the hour, Mike talks about Tribune Writer Eric Zorn's piece about the ...
Mike talks about the Tribune story today which covers the new Chicago parking permit artwork that shows hands making gang signs. Then, republicans are looking to cut off unemployment benefits for those who don't have high school diplomas. Mike takes your calls.
A new law might may it okay to hunt Asian Carp by shooting them. Mike hears your thoughts. Then, as Chicago is now officially the most corrupt city in America, Mike hears your ideas for a new Chicago slogan.