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The Mike McConnell podcast from WGN Radio 720

Black Boxes Jan. 2, 2013
Tom Kowalik, Chairman of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, joins Mike to discuss data capturing black box devices that will be mandatory in all small vehicles at the end of 2014. These black boxes record data in the event of car crash that may be used as evidence …
Mike discusses Alcohol with guest William Knoedelseder and then ties up the show with some odds and ends.
Have you ever wondered how you could get out of getting a speeding ticket? Mike may have the answer. Mike then discusses what's new in the life of crime.
Mike discusses the fiscal cliff, and then talks about what would happen if the United States got rid of the dollar bill.
It's time for the Sandwich Generation! Senior Assoc. Editor for Kiplingers Personal Finance, Sandra Block joins Mike in discussing what we can expect from the taxes we may be paying in the near future. After the tax talk, Urologist Dr. Brian Helfand of the North Shore University Health System discusses …
Author Alfie Kohn, who wrote The Homework Myth, discusses with Mike how homework has no effect on student's grades. Chicago is quick to respond and shares their thoughts about the subject.
Mike McConnell greets his fellow Powerball losers and invites his viewers to join on a very guest filled broadcast. First, Mike plays a trivia game with his audience. Baylen Linnekin, Executive Director of Keep Food Legal, a Washington, D.C. nonprofit that advocates in favor of food freedom, joins Mike in …
In the final hour of the show, Mike tells us how women are becoming more confident, you might be surprised in their career path that makes some women happier than others. Mike finishes the show discussing the powerball jackpot and Christmas cover albums.
Senior Editor of the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research Steven Malanga talks with Mike about Chicago building a third airport. After that he talks taxes with Chicago, and asks their opinion on what needs to happen to bring the United States out of a recession.
Mike opens up the show with odds and ends and then discusses sexual harassment in the armed forces.
Prof Paul Green joins Mike at the top of the hour. After discussing the 2012 election, Mike closes the show with some odds and ends.
It's time for the Sandwich Generation! Mike McConnell discusses Helicopter parenting on the final hour of the show, and how far parents go to get involved in their child's life. Mike wraps up the show asking Chicago about Christmas Shopping.
In the second hour of the show Mike talks lousy cooks and who they might be, as well as blaming our problems on poverty.
Mike opens up the show with some odds and ends. After that Mike discusses a proposal for illegal immigrants to get drivers licenses.
Prof. Paul Green joins Mike McConnell in the last hour of the show to talk pensions and "Squeezie the Pension Python". Mike finishes the show by asking the question, "When does infidelity start?"
Did hostess' union ruin itself? Mike endures some heated discussions with callers on the second hour of the show.
Happy Monday! Mike McConnell starts the week off with some odds and ends, and then brings in guest Dr. Kieth Smith to talk about his opinion on Obamacare.
Mike closes the show discussing energy drinks, and how they may soon be unable to be purchased for minors in Chicago.
It's Movember madness! Mo Bros unite in discussion of this interesting way to raise funds. After that Mike talks Twinkies. What is going to happen to our favorite treat?
Mike discusses the racist CTA bus ads with guest Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of the Chicago Office of the Council on American-Islamic Relation.