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The Mike McConnell podcast from WGN Radio 720

Mike talks about the atrocity of the city not picking up your garbage and takes your calls. Then, Mike discusses the possibility of legislation that will ban saggy pants.
Mike chats more about last weekend's lottery and then covers a story from Florida in which the National Park Service has banned pedestrians from the beach in a pre-nesting season for turtles. Then, could Anne Romney be Mitt's secret weapon? Mike shares the story and at the end of the …
Mike talks to Mark Titus, the Author of Don't Put Me In Coach, about his journey through NCAA Basketball. Then, Mike talks about the restrictions that come along with a drivers license these days. Do you remember those old Driver's Ed movies? Mike plays the audio and hears your thoughts.
Mike continues the previous hour's conversation about those scary old driver's ed movies, then he picks up a conversation about automatic car starters and garage door openers. Later, Mike covers some odd news, including a flight attendant who went on a rant on the p.a. of a plane saying the …
A poll of the most annoying spokes-characters for commercials recently was released. Who do you think was voted number one? Mike talks about the top-10 and takes some calls about it.
Mike talks about a high school basketball team in Texas who is forfeiting its semi-final game because it conflicts with a religious holiday. Mike also talks about the controversy of benefitting financially from organ donation. He talks to an attorney with the Institute for Justice, Bob McNamara.
Mike shares some statistics of the amount of food that is wasted by kids at school. You may be surprised just how much goes in the garbage. Mike also talks to Mark Doyle. Mark is a forensic accountant who is the managing member of Prairie Avenue Advisors, a Chicago based …
The College of Dupage has banned smoking on the campus, except for in cars. Mike hears your thoughts. Then, Chicago Attorney Karen Conti joins Mike to discuss the death of the Lipstick Killer.
Rep Glenn Grothman of Wisconsin has decided that single parenting is as dangerous as raising a child in a home affected by alcoholism or domestic abuse. Mike hears your thoughts on this idea.
Mike talks about the controversial comments made by Rush Limbaugh. He wonders why there aren't words describing men like the words Rush used to describe women. Mike also talks about how obnoxious parents are getting a their kids sporting events.
Mike has his weekly visit with Professor Paul Green. They talk about G8 not coming to Chicago and Super Tuesday. Paul also talks about how "politics is about winning. There's no silver medal." Mike wraps up the show with a game called 'Funny or not Funny.'
Are politicians lying now more than ever? Mike talks with author Andy Andrews about just that. Andy recently had a book published titled: 'How Do You Kill 11 Million People?: Why the Truth Matters More Than You Think.' Mike also talks about a woman in Michigan who won the lottery …
Mike discusses the lengths someone would go to for $20 of free gas. Then, Mike discusses the Obama administration's proposal for government contracted work forces to be comprised of at least 7% disability workers. Mike takes your calls.
Mike chats with Brent from Illinois Pork Producers about DaBurger, then catches up with Troy Murray of the Blackhawks broadcast team.