WGN - The Mike McConnell Uncut Podcast

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The Mike McConnell podcast from WGN Radio 720

Mike discusses the idea of affirmative action and takes your calls. Then, Rick Santorum gave a speech in 2008 that focused on Satan targeting the United States. Mike hears your thoughts.
Mike starts off the show with some strange news, including a man in Iowa City who "created criminal mischief with cheese." Then, Mike talks to Illinois State Representative Joann Osmond of Antioch about cleaning up Illinois Beach State Park, which has been closed since a bad storm last year. At …
Mike starts off today's show with some odd news, then talks about a new statewide proposition called a "skin tax" which would mean higher taxes for strip clubs. Then, the city of Chicago is the most corrupt city in America, and Mike starts a contest for a new city slogan.
Are state inspectors allowed to go through your child's lunch to see if it's nutritious enough? Mike takes your calls. Then, in Arizona, advertisers will be required to mark on advertisements whether they're airbrushed or not. Later, should the city be allowed access to your tax return to take money …