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After some rest, the group moves along the path to get to the ancient temple in the mountains. During their trip, they discover a weird tree, and then a weird singing woman by a small lake…


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Older Episodes

  This is an actual play podcast using Ad&d 1E rules, and the Oriental Adventures Setting book. Join DM Vince as he hosts this podcast and the players try to defeat Fin Fang Foom. This is the first in many to come podcasts.
Exploration of the plant caves continues and the party comes across its most dangerous inhabitant yet. Will the rescuers need rescuing themselves?
The party finds that the caves of the plant men are not only dangerous, but strange as well. Alaster has a proposition for Verock and Nimble gets a new admirer.
There is two books and two… Edwards? What?
Join the group as they figure out what to do next!
Deep within the bowels of the plant men’s lair, the party continues the search for their friends and discovers that danger has the distinctive smell of…fish? Can any good come from a strange copse of trees growing underground?
The party discovers the lair of the plant men. But what of the guardian that awaits them inside and why does it have a crush on Corgac? Is it just a fling or something more serious?
The introductory episode from the gaming adventures of the Roll For Initiative gaming community. Jump midway into our Road to Archbridge adventure. Can our heroes fend off an attack by the mysterious plant men? What bodes of the strange appearance of a half-orc and elf, an unlikely duo running from …
The guys are inside the overlord’s and they discover a few things out, bad things happen to the party and they find out.. there is TWO BOOKS!?
The guys continue their quest in town where they left off the last time, inside the tavern, hiding from the horrible thing stalking the streets.. what is that damn gong?
This episode the guys are in town and they have no clue where they are going, and as usual, strange things happen, as they figure out the guards in town arent so trustworthy.
Find out what happens with the group as they set forth to the small town they need to visit. More laughs happen…
A new character joins the party, as the party gets a little goofy when the friendly exchanges, as they get used to Trask having a brother… WHAT?!
Finally the group figures a way out of the forrest and in the grassy plains area. What happens next?
We are back after sometime off, we pick up with the group trapped and almost dead… the group this week meets up with a new friend and tries not to get killed, or do they?