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Being on the front-line of new media and technology themselves, Andrew and Paul discuss the many new technologies being introduced to the world everyday. From the very controversial, to the unboxings to software reviews, "What the Tech?!" allows tech-junkies and novices alike stay updated on the latest technology news.

Andrew and Paul discuss how services are becoming more integrated into other platforms. Are companies starting to realize that being platform agnostic is the future of business? Andrew and Paul also rant about content discoverability. Does anyone get content discoverability right? And Paul runs down what he learned from Microsoft Ignite including their plans for the future of mixed reality.


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Older Episodes

Google adds video editing capabilities to Google Photos. Can anyone come close to matching the power of Google Photos? Microsoft cuts the price for the Surface Duo. Will the price cut have any impact on sales of the device?
NBC's Peacock streaming service acquires WWE Network for 1 billion dollars. How has the streaming landscape changed over the years? Apple reports record revenue. Andrew and Paul discuss why Apple outperformed even Microsoft.
Andrew and Paul discuss CES 2021. How has the pandemic affected CES, and did a virtual CES work? Paul shares his thoughts on the future of CES. Andrew questions why there were no new webcams. Samsung announces the Galaxy S21.
Andrew and Paul discuss the worst tech of 2020. On Andrew's worst of list: Intel, Quibi, and social media. Paul puts YouTube's content ID match, TikTok, and electric vehicles. But first Andrew brings up the passing of a close friend over the weekend.
Andrew and Paul discuss what they consider to be the best tech of 2020. On Andrew's list: Microsoft Duo, Etsy, Zoom, and the Apple Watch. Paul's list includes the Sony Playstation 5, Xbox Series X, Pixel 4a, and Microsoft Teams.
John Bubb aka Sunkast joins Andrew on this episode to discuss some changes to the GFQ studio including how far technology has come over the years. John and Andrew also list off some of their favorite Black Friday 2020 deals.
Paul expands on Apple switching to ARM chipset on Mac. Does this spell trouble for Intel? pluton chip? Microsoft announces Pluton, it's new security processor. Plus what are Paul's thoughts on MacOS Big Sur?
Apple announces their new Mac devices with their first ARM based chipset for Mac. Andrew and Paul question how the battery life and performance will be. And Paul further discusses his experience with the new Xbox Series X consoles.
Paul discussing unboxing the Xbox Series X. Andrew questions the Xbox as a media consumption device. Rumors say Microsoft will introduce a new UI for Windows, codenamed Sun Valley. And is Apple building a search alternative to Google?
Apple announces the new iPhone 12. Andrew and Paul go over all the big changes to the iPhone. Which iPhone 12 is Paul going for? The DOJ is going after Google for antitrust violations. What does this lawsuit mean for Google?
Google announces the all new Google TV. Andrew and Paul both give their first impressions of the new device and discuss how Google TV devices have evolved over the past decade. Google also announced the Pixel 5.
Andrew and Paul reflect on Apple's big announcement that it will utilize the ARM chipset in future devices. How is ARM changing the computing landscape, and is Intel in big trouble? Paul questions why all laptop computers do not come with SIM card supp...
A week after Apple's WWDC, Andrew and Paul reflect on the massive changes Apple has made in MacOS Big Sur. Will the iPhone come with MacOS next year? Paul explains why Microsoft should be copying Apple. Should Microsoft Windows look more like MacOS?
Apple made a slew of announcements during it's annual WWDC keynote. Notably Apple officially announced Apple Silicon, their ARM chipset. Will Apple have greater success with ARM than Microsoft? Andrew and Paul also tackle Apple's marketing.
Apple is expected to announce a shift to ARM chips for Mac. What are the benefits of Mac running on ARM chips, and what are the biggest problems? Andrew and Paul briefly debate whether Intel has fallen behind AMD.
Microsoft officially released Windows 10 Build 2004. Paul runs down some of the notable changes in the build and also delves into the next Windows 10 Build, 21H1. Andrew and Paul try to figure out HBO's strategy for HBO Max.
Microsoft gave fans their first look at real Xbox Series X game play. Andrew and Paul discuss whether games are becoming too realistic. Microsoft also announced the the spring 2020 line of Surface devices including the Surface Go 2.
Apple finally announces the long awaited 2020 version of the iPhone SE. Is the iPhone SE the best budget phone money can buy? Paul gives his thoughts on the new OnePlus 8. Does the OnePlus fall short of expectations?
Microsoft says the Surface Neo will not launch this year. Paul Thurrott explains why. Apple is rumored to launch the long awaited iPhone 9 next month. How much could the iPhone 9 cost? And Andrew and Paul discuss using the iPad with trackpad support.