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Being on the front-line of new media and technology themselves, Andrew and Paul discuss the many new technologies being introduced to the world everyday. From the very controversial, to the unboxings to software reviews, “What the Tech?!” allows tech-junkies and novices alike stay updated on the latest technology news.

Paul is in Toronto for the Microsoft's Worldwide Partner conference. How is the relationship changing with Microsoft and their partners? Paul gives his full impressions of the HP Spectre 13 laptop. Andrew talks about his first impressions of the Teclas...
New rumors suggest Microsoft's next Surface may be an all in one device. Does an all in one Surface make sense in today's computer market? Apple is granted a patent that prevents users from taking photos and videos at concerts or other sensitive locati...
Andrew and Paul discuss the worst tech of 2015. Andrew brings up RadioShack filing for bankruptcy, Windows Updates, and Google Glass. Paul puts crapware, OneDrive, and the Surface Book on his list of Worst tech of 2015.
Andrew and Paul run down their list of the best tech of 2015. Andrew says that the Dell XPS 13, Amazon Fire TV, and iPhone 6S are among the best. Paul says that the HP Spectre x360, Microsoft Band 2 and Chromecast are the best this year.
Andrew and Paul discuss the success and lack of success of Microsoft and Apple over the years. Is Apple or Microsoft more successful? Microsoft releases a new update for Windows Phone. Why is this latest update so significant for Windows Phone users?
Andrew and Paul discuss the state of Windows Phone. Where does Microsoft take Windows Phone in 2016? Paul also talks about his experience using the new Apple TV. Is talking to phones and TVs a good experience these days?
Paul talks about recent issues with his Microsoft Surface Book. Why is Microsoft unable to correct some of these issues? Paul also discusses his review of the Lumia 950. Will the Lumia 950 be the last device with the Lumia brand name?
Andrew and Paul discuss some of the items people are interested in buying this year for Christmas. Paul brings up the Fallout 4 Xbox One bundle. Is an Xbox bundle worth getting?
Microsoft is set to release a big fall update for Windows 10 this month. Paul discusses what to expect with the new Windows 10 fall update. Paul also talks about the big Xbox One update coming this week. And Andrew and Paul talk about the upcoming firs...
Microsoft announces it will end unlimited OneDrive storage as well as cut the amount of storage free users get from 15GB down to 5GB. Andrew and Paul try to wrap their heads around Microsoft's decision. Is unlimited storage unsustainable for any cloud ...
Andrew asks Paul for advice on public speaking ahead of a panel he's speaking at on Saturday. What tips does Paul have for speaking in public? YouTube announces YouTube Red, a subscription service that does away with ads. Is $9.
Paul Thurrott discusses his review of the new Microsoft Surface Book. What does Paul like or dislike about Microsoft's first convertible laptop? Paul also discusses the Surface Pro 4. Windows 7 users say Microsoft is forcing Windows 10 upgrades.
Andrew and Paul discuss Apple's refreshed iMac line up. Does Apple still need the all in one iMac? Paul compares Apple with Microsoft and how Microsoft is pushing premium hardware. Paul also talks about the strategy PC makers should take with the ever ...
Andrew and Paul discuss Microsoft big event this week. Paul gives his thoughts on the new Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book. Who are these Surface devices best suited for? Microsoft officially announced the Lumia 950 and 950XL Windows Phone.
Paul talks about Microsoft's upcoming Build event. What does Paul expect to hear about at Build this year? Andrew compares his new Samsung Galaxy S6 to the Apple iPhone. Is the Galaxy S6 better than the iPhone?
The Apple Watch pre-orders begin. Andrew and Paul discuss the early estimated number of watches sold and the future of the Apple Watch. Apple also announces WWDC will begin in June. What updates to iOS and OS X do Andrew and Paul think Apple may unveil?
Andrew asks Paul to address the Surface 3 pen loop confusion. Why is there confusion over a loop for the Surface 3 pen? Paul discusses more of his first hand experience using the Surface 3. Could it replace all of his computing needs?
Andrew and Paul discuss the new Microsoft Surface 3 tablet and what Microsoft should do for the next Surface Pro tablet.
Andrew and Paul discuss Microsoft giving Office to devices under 10.2 inches. Is Microsoft officially embracing the freemium model? Microsoft will also bundle Office and other Microsoft apps on Android phones.
Andrew and Paul discuss new details from Microsoft about Windows 10. Microsoft says Windows 10 is more compressed than ever and has the ability to grab updates from peers. Will getting Windows updates from peers on a local network really speed up updat...