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Being on the front-line of new media and technology themselves, Andrew and Paul discuss the many new technologies being introduced to the world everyday. From the very controversial, to the unboxings to software reviews, "What the Tech?!" allows tech-junkies and novices alike stay updated on the latest technology news.

Microsoft's free offer to upgrade to Windows 10 is coming to an end. Will users pay $119 to upgrade to Windows 10 after the free upgrade expires? Rumors suggest the iPhone 7 may be released the week of September 12.
Microsoft says it will miss it's goal of Windows 10 on a billion devices. What's to blame for the missed goal? Microsoft begins selling the Surface as a service. What does Surface as a service mean? Microsoft will also offer Windows 10 as a subscriptio...
Andrew and Iyaz discuss the new Nintendo Pokemon GO craze. Is Pokemon GO the biggest augmented reality game? The Samsung Galaxy S7 Active fails Consumer Reports water resistance testing. Is it impossible to create truly rugged smartphones?
Paul is in Toronto for the Microsoft's Worldwide Partner conference. How is the relationship changing with Microsoft and their partners? Paul gives his full impressions of the HP Spectre 13 laptop. Andrew talks about his first impressions of the Teclas...
New rumors suggest Microsoft's next Surface may be an all in one device. Does an all in one Surface make sense in today's computer market? Apple is granted a patent that prevents users from taking photos and videos at concerts or other sensitive locati...
Google is rumored to be talking with carriers about launching their own Nexus Phone. Is now the right time for Google to launch their own Nexus device? Microsoft is shutting down production of the Surface 3.
Paul Thurrott discusses some of the confusion over Microsoft's strategy for the Xbox. Is Microsoft making a mistake launching the Xbox One S ahead of Project Scorpio? Paul also talks about what to expect from Project Scorpio.
Apple announces macOS Sierra, iOS 10, and new versions of watchOS and tvOS at it's 2016 WWDC event. Should Apple have also announced new hardware at WWDC? Microsoft announces the new Xbos One S and Project Scorpio at it's E3 keynote.
Paul talks with Andrew about the components he chose for he 2016 PC build.
Andrew and Paul discuss Superfish on Lenovo PCs. Why is Superfish a big deal? Paul takes issue with crapware on computers. How come PC manufacturers still insist on pre-installing crapware? Microsoft finally opens up Xbox One development.
Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott discuss Microsoft's Windows Phone. Will Microsoft release any new Lumia phones at Mobile World Congress? Also, how will Windows 10 affect the next Lumia flagship release? Paul talks about the Office 16 preview.
RadioShack is said to be filing for bankruptcy and Amazon may take over half of RadioShack stores. Why didn't RadioShack survive? Windows 10 will run on the newly launched Raspberry Pi 2. What would people do with Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi?
Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott dive further into their discussion of Microsoft's HaloLens and Paul's first hand experience using the device. What is the target demographic for HaloLens? Paul also talks about how the new universal apps in Windows 10 wo...
Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott discuss the many announcements from Microsoft's Windows 10 event this week. Microsoft says Windows 10 will be free for the first year. But what happens after the first year? Paul explains how Windows 10 will integrate wi...
Paul talks about his upcoming launch of Thurrott.com. Microsoft will hold their Windows Event next week and Andrew and Paul discuss what Microsoft may do at the event. Will we see new info about Windows 10?
Andrew and Paul discuss highlights from this year's CES in Las Vegas. Andrew raves about the lack of bezel on the new Dell XPS 13. Paul talks about Intel's compute stick. Dish announces Sling TV. Is Sling TV a good choice?
Andrew and Paul discuss the best of tech gear for 2014 including the iPhone 6, Nokia Lumia 635, Amazon Fire TV, and the HP Stream.
Andrew and Paul discuss their annual Worst of 2014 list. Andrew calls the Amazon Fire phone, Android fragmentation, and lack of hardware updates to Apple TV and Macbook Pro. Paul lists the lack of Lumia flagship phones, Surface mini,
Andrew and Paul run down their top 5 Holiday wish list items including the Xbox One, HP Stream, Amazon Fire TV, iPad, and Lumia 635. Andrew and Paul also discuss AT&T;'s Next plan.
Andrew talks about ordering the Amazon Fire TV and Amazon Fire TV Stick. Is Roku still the king of set top boxes? Paul discuss the rumored Lumia 1030 Windows Phone. Is Microsoft finally launching a new flagship Windows Phone?