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Being on the front-line of new media and technology themselves, Andrew and Paul discuss the many new technologies being introduced to the world everyday. From the very controversial, to the unboxings to software reviews, "What the Tech?!" allows tech-junkies and novices alike stay updated on the latest technology news.

Andrew and Paul discuss the craze over the launch of Titan Fall. Does it live up to the hype? Paul shares his thoughts on the new Nokia Lumia Icon Windows Phone. Is it the best Windows Phone on Verizon? Andrew mentions the new Roku Stick.
iOS in the car debuts as Apple CarPlay. Andrew and Paul discuss the name change and features. Android overtakes Apple as the top tablet OS. Are consumers really buying more Android tablets than iPads? Andrew and Paul also discuss the possibility of Win...
Andrew and Paul discuss announcements from Mobile World Congress. Nokia launches an Android phone, the Nokia X. What does Paul think of Nokia offering an Android device? Microsoft announces new lower priced licensing for certain devices.
Andrew addresses an article criticizing one of Paul Thurrott's articles about Windows 8. Is Paul a flip flopper? New info leaks about the Windows Phone 8.1 update. Will it feel more like Windows 8? Asus plans to launch a $179 Chromebox.
Andrew Zarian gets Paul Thurrotts thoughts on Microsoft naming enterprise chief Satya Nadella as it's new CEO. Is Satya Nadella the right person for the job? Paul also has some thoughts on Bill Gates stepping down as chairman and Steve Ballmer's legacy...
Andrew reviews the Apple TV he purchased and discusses Apple TV versus Roku with Paul. Which set top box is better? Amazon is still rumored to be releasing a set top box. Will it be able to stand tall next to the Apple TV or Roku?
HP to begin selling Windows 7 PCs again. Does this move signal more people are demanding Windows 7 rather than Windows 8? Paul addresses the Xbox One YouTube controversy. Is Microsoft paying YouTubers to say positive things about Xbox One?
Paul confirms Windows 9 will launch in April of 2015. Andrew and Paul discuss a few things they think Microsoft will do with Windows 9. Will Windows 9 be anything like Windows 8? Paul responds to comments about his latest post supposedly being negative...
Andrew and Paul discuss CES 2014. What products stick out and do we still need CES? WWE announces the WWE Network. Is this yet another nail in the coffin for PPV and cable? Paul touches on technology in vehicles. Has technology in cars come of age?
Andrew and Paul discuss what they think is the best tech products of 2013. Andrew's list includes the iPad Air, Xbox One, Nexus 5, and the Nokia 520 Windows Phone. Andrew also offers what he thinks is the best service of the year, Google Hangouts.
Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott discuss their list of the worst tech products of 2013. This year Andrew's list of worst tech products include BlackBerry, Chromebooks, Nintendo Wii U, Facebook Home, and Samsung's Galaxy Gear smartwatch.
Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott take your calls! But first Andrew and Paul discuss all the hoopla over the NSA gathering data on you. Is this the new norm? Our first caller ever Matt calls to ask Paul about moving music from his computer to Windows Pho...
Andrew and Paul discuss rumored changes coming to future versions of Windows 8 including the start menu making a return. What other changes does Paul think we may see in upcoming versions of Windows 8? Andrew talks about bricking his new LG G2 and what...
Andrew and Paul briefly discuss the Xbox One launch. Did the new Xbox One come out on top of the Playstation 4? Andrew reviews the LG G2 Android phone. What are his likes and dislikes? Amazon unveils plans to deliver your packages via drones in the fut...
Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott discuss Sony's launch of the PlayStation 4. Did Sony pull it off without a hitch? Paul talks about his experience with the PS4. Does the PS4 rely too much on Sony's PlayStation Network.
Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott revisit Google's Chromebook. What is the type of person the Chromebook best suited for? Andrew brings up credit card theft. Is credit card theft so prevalent you should expect it nowadays, and how does it happen?
Andrew unleashes a bevy of complaints about Apple and Verizon. Andrew explains his ordeal picking up an iPad Air. Was it worth it in the end? He also talks about why he is so mad at Verizon for not carrying the Nexus 5. Should Verizon carry the Nexus 5?
Andrew and Paul discuss Apple's newest iPads, the iPad Air and Retina Mini. Did Apple make a mistake by not allowing pre-orders? Andrew brings up just how many gadgets are coming out this fall that he is interested in purchasing such as the PS4,
Apple and Nokia both make huge announcements. Apple announces new iPads, and updated MacBook Pros. Andrew Zarian and Paul Thurrott discuss the new hardware from Apple. They also break down and debate how well Apple's announcement went.
Andrew discusses how his first week with the Nokia Lumia 520 went. What does he think about it? Paul explains Microsoft's GDR3 update for Windows Phone. Andrew installs the GDR3 update live during the show.