Windows Weekly (Video)

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A weekly look at all things Microsoft, including Windows, Office, Xbox, and more, from two of the foremost Windows watchers in the world, Paul Thurrott of and Mary Jo Foley of All About Microsoft. Records live every Wednesday at 2:00pm Eastern / 11:00am Pacific / 18:00 UTC.

Let's talk Windows 12! Or Win 11 X? * Windows is moving to a new schedule, with major drops every three years and multiple smaller feature drops in between * The next "major" Windows client release is coming in 2024. * What happens to the promised once-yearly feature releases like Win 11 22H2? And Windows 10? * Will Microsoft end up supporting each Windows release going forward for three years? Let's talk about the canceled Surface Duo. * A plastic Surface Duo 2 'lite'? Microsoft canceled it, but why (besides price) was this a thing at all? * Qualcomm Technology …


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