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If you have an Amazon Prime membership (maybe it’s where you’ve been buying all your toilet paper during the pandemic) then you’re likely aware of the key benefits: free shipping, access to special deals, and the free streaming movies and TV shows. But there are a host of other, lesser-known benefits available to Prime customers, like free Kindle books, free Twitch Prime, free kids’ content, and a few ways to earn credit on future purchases. This week, we’re joined by WIRED staff writer Louryn Strampe, who tells us about all of the free and discounted stuff you can get from …


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Tick Tock, TikTok July 24, 2020
This week, we discuss whether the Chinese-owned app is as much of a security risk as some claim, and where folks would go if the platform went dark.
A new podcast from WIRED about how the future is realized.
Introducing: Get WIRED July 20, 2020
A new podcast from WIRED about how the future is realized.
I Stream, You Stream July 17, 2020
This week, Recode’s Peter Kafka joins us to talk about Netflix’s dominance over the entertainment industry and how the streaming landscape continues to change.
This week, Angela Watercutter joins us to talk about why it's hard to unglue your eyes from bad news on social media. Plus, we share our tips for putting down the phone.
Home Bodies July 3, 2020
As the necessary shelter in place restrictions continue, we’re joined by WIRED’s Alan Henry and Adrienne So to talk about the technologies helping us pass the time.
Arrested Developer Event June 26, 2020
This week, we discuss Apple’s big news, and we admit why we’re hoping tech conferences happen in real life (and not just online) sooner rather than later.
This week, we discuss the harassment campaign allegedly carried out by six former eBay employees against the owners of a news website critical of the ecommerce industry.
In some ways things are getting harder, not easier, as shelter-in-place orders lift worldwide. On this week's episode, we tackle tough new corona-questions.
This week, we discuss how tools developed in Silicon Valley are being used to erode the privacy and safety of citizens protesting police brutality.
Trump v. Twitter May 29, 2020
This week, Gilad Edelman joins us to discuss the White House’s move against tech platforms, and how talk of the November election led us to this moment.
Remote Desktop May 22, 2020
This week, we measure the impact of Silicon Valley’s shift to remote work. Also, we crash the Clubhouse.
This week, Andy Greenberg talks about his profile of hacker Marcus Hutchins, and we get an update on contact tracing programs helping to slow the pandemic.
On the Road Again May 8, 2020
How Will We Dine and Uber in the Post-Pandemic City?
This week, Stewart Brand and Ryan Phelan tell us why they are planning their own critical care decisions now, well before Covid-19 forces them to do so under pressure.
Open For Business April 24, 2020
This week, WIRED senior correspondent Adam Rogers talks about how we could go about reopening the country.
Some players in the tech industry are pivoting hard to address the global health crisis. But in many ways, business continues as usual.
On this week's podcast, we talk with staff writer Megan Molteni about the efforts to eradicate the virus. We also discuss Covid-19 testing in the US.
Supply Demand April 3, 2020
This week, we discuss the nationwide shortage of ventilators and protective equipment, and how we’re going to deal with it amid the coronavirus pandemic.