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With David out this week, Molly and Michael are free to spread positivity and joy. Not really.
This week, David and Michael both tested the new Nexus phones from Google.
This week: Tesla, the debate in VR, and Computer Show.
This week, Moments changes Twitter and the Surface Book changes Microsoft.
Topics: New Google Nexus phones, Chromecasts, and the Pixel C tablet. Also, unicycles and why theyre evil.
Special guest: Joe Brown. Topics: iPhones and cars.
After a week off, theres a lot to cover: news from the Apple event, new products from Amazon, and the merits of content blockers.
This weekand#8217;s podcast is actually last weekand#8217;s podcastand#8212;youand#8217;ll note our collective sort of-enthusiasm for the now-over Apple Event. The venerable Joe Brown sat in for Mike (whoand#8217;s been out sick, well wishes, Mike! We mi
Looking at the hotly-contested Knee Defender, plus other gadget news.
Discussing social media in the context of current events and Mat's latest Facebook experiment.
Reminiscing about Flickr whilst looking forward to Slack.
The future of smartwatches, Microsoft, and 4K.
Michael Calore and Mat Honan talk news out of this year's Google I/O conference and speculate on the Android maker's long term plan. Does the tech giant have an agenda or is this all experimentation? At least we know there won't be killer robots.
GL Audio 214: AMAFON! June 6, 2014
Christina Bonnington is back with Gadget Lab regulars Michael Calore and Mat Honan to discuss everything that Apple revealed at WWDC 2014. Plus: is an Amazon phone round the corner?
There's something in the air. What is it? It's WWDC, Apple's annual developer conference that's happening at San Francisco's Moscone West on June 2! Gadget Lab's Michael Calore and Mat Honan are joined by Apple reporter Christina Bonnington to discuss iOS 8, the rumored Healthbook app, the next version of …
Is it a tablet? Is it a laptop? No, it's the new Microsoft Surface Pro 3! Mat Honan and Michael Calore dive into the brand new device from Redmond and discuss what it means for the future of Microsoft. They also talk about the brand new Google+ Stories and the …
There's a heat wave in California but that didn't stop Gadget Lab's Michael Calore and Mat Honan from huddling in the sweltering Gadget Lab studio and discussing this week's top tech stories: how cheap phones are finally usable (well, almost), how iOS 8 may finally include split-screen multi-tasking, and how …
Facebook is suddenly firing on all fronts, Twitter debuts a new sign-up experience and there's a brand new Android phone that's making modders drool. Gadget Lab's Mat Honan and Michael Calore dive into the thick of things.
Should you spend your money on the Samsung Galaxy S5? Are tablets dead? What's the future of Google Plus? So many questions, so little time. Gadget Lab's Mat Honan and Michael Calore bring you this week's biggest tech stories.
Silicon valley entrepreneurs are rushing in to cash in on the latest craze since the Gold Rush - cannabis. Gadget Lab's Michael Calore and Mat Honan discuss high-tech vaporizers, modular smartphones and more in this week's, er, potcast. New: outtakes!