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On Radiolab, science meets culture and information sounds like music. Each episode of Radiolab® is an investigation -- a patchwork of people, sounds, stories and experiences centered around One Big Idea. Hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, Radiolab is produced by WNYC public radio. Support the adventure with a donation by pasting the following URL into your browser:

In this podcast, Jad talks to Charles Fernyhough about the connection between thought and the voice in your head. How did it get there? And what's happening when people hear someone else's voice in their head?
Time Aug. 24, 2010
The strange, subjective nature of time -- from a sped-up spin through childhood, to a really, really slowed-down Beethoven symphony.
Bonus Video: Words Aug. 10, 2010
Words have the power to shape the way we think and feel. In this stunning video (made to accompany our Words episode), filmmakers Will Hoffman and Daniel Mercadante bandy visual wordplay into a moving exploration of the power of language.
Words Aug. 9, 2010
It’s almost impossible to imagine a world without words. But in this hour, we try to do just that.
Robert and Malcolm Gladwell duke it out over questions of luck, talent, passion, and success.
An unlikely escape story begins in a supermarket, and ends in a boat off the coast of Maine.
Oops June 28, 2010
Stories of unintended consequences -- from a psychologist who may have helped create a terrorist, to a toxic lake that spawned new life.
Oliver Sacks, the famous neuroscientist and author, can't recognize faces. Neither can Chuck Close--the great artist known for his enormous paintings of ... that's right, faces.
Deception June 1, 2010
Lies, liars, and lie catchers. And the strange power of lying to yourself.
Famous Tumors May 17, 2010
Say hello to the growth that killed Ulysses S. Grant, & get to know the woman whose cancer cells changed modern medicine.
When scientists treat words like data, clues to the real-life mysteries of human aging are found in the writings of Agatha Christie and 678 nuns.
Music duo Buke and Gass talk to Jad about coaxing delightfully twangy sounds from their homemade instruments.
Limits April 5, 2010
A journey to the edge of human limits -- from a bike race that makes the Tour de France look like child’s play, to a mind-stretching memory competition.
Shorts: The Bus Stop March 23, 2010
Lulu Miller talks to a nursing home in Düsseldorf, Germany that came up with a novel approach to caring for Alzheimer's and Dementia patients.
Shorts: Do I Know You? March 8, 2010
A rare and haunting disorder called Capgras turns loved ones into imposters-- and reveals that recognizing people, even the people we know the best, is more about how they make us feel than what we see in front of our eyes.
Lucy Feb. 19, 2010
Chimps. Bonobos. Humans. We're all great apes, but that doesn’t mean we’re one happy family.
Shorts: The Shy Baboon Feb. 8, 2010
Biopsychologist Barbara Smuts takes us to a remote area of Kenya, where she tried to gain the trust of a troop of baboons in the 1970s.
Shorts: Fu Manchu Jan. 26, 2010
A showdown between a zookeeper and an orangutan named Fu Manchu raises a question: can an animal know what's in your head well enough to manipulate and deceive you?
Animal Minds Jan. 11, 2010
Communicating across species -- from bringing pets to church, to a rescued whale that may have found a way to say thanks.
Placebo Dec. 28, 2009
The healing powers of belief, from the symbolic power of the doctor coat, to the very real stash of opium in your brain.