The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 4 June 29, 2021

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Our Harlem Moon. In this spin-off tale, Ethel Waters hijacks a degrading song and makes the music her own. *_The Vanishing of Harry Pace_ was created by Jad Abumrad and Shima Oliaee. * It was Motown before Motown, FUBU before FUBU: Black Swan Records. The label founded exactly 100 years ago by Harry Pace. Pace launched the career of Ethel Waters, inadvertently invented the term rock n roll,played an important role in W.C. Handy becoming "Father of the Blues," inspired Ebony and Jet magazines, and helped desegregate the South Side of Chicago in an epic Supreme Court battle. Then, he …

The Vanishing of Harry Pace: Episode 4