Woodworking with The Wood Whisperer (HD)

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Learn how to design and build furniture with Marc Spagnuolo, The Wood Whisperer. Develop new skills with our video project and technique tutorials. For more information, in-depth articles, and wood shop tours, visit us at TheWoodWhisperer.com

A look at how my outdoor projects have fared over the years.


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Older Episodes

Nicole joins me for a new beginner series of projects starting with a handy blanket ladder.
A inexpensive block plane can be tuned and sharpened for better performance.
An elegant and simple rack that holes a game controller and a set of headphones.
RGB Gaming Desk March 12, 2021
A walnut gaming desk (trestle style) featuring a sweet RGB light strip!
A few tips to help you manage files using the Free version of Sketchup.
A mobile table that serves as a tablesaw outfeed table as well as an ample assembly table.
Stop struggling with drawer fronts once and for all!
Epoxy Floor Makeover Jan. 19, 2021
If you have concrete as ugly as mine, and epoxy floor makeover might be just what the doctor ordered.
A Classic Picture Frame Dec. 16, 2020
A classic picture frame for a special piece of art.
A fun design experiment involving bent wood strips.
Four ways to make proper breadboard ends.
Fortnite Sign Via CNC Oct. 30, 2020
A CNC-cut Fortnite sign for my son's birthday!
The Taper Maker Oct. 23, 2020
Make your own tapering sled using our plans and hardware kit.
Are there diminishing returns when sanding end grain?
A simple dice tower that randomizes your rolls and keeps the dice from falling off the table.
This series wraps up with the construction of the drawer and the application of the finish.
I throw a tantrum while working on the drawer fronts.
Thickness Tapers, Shelves, & Assembly of the base.
We're starting with the legs, aprons, and Domino joinery.