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Greece accuses Iran of piracy after the seizure of two of its ships.
The Italian energy giant ENI has signed a deal with Algeria's Sonatrach to buy more gas
US Secretary of State Antony Blinken says China could disrupt the international order
The UK is to impose a 25% levy on energy company profits to fund payments to households
US Vice President Kamala Harris vows to stand up to the gun lobby
Drugs giant Pfizer will offer its products to low-income countries on a non- profit basis.
The commodities giant Glencore has agreed to plead guilty to corruption charges.
The EU Commission president Ursula von der Leyen warned of a possible global food crisis
Ukraine's president says fixing the damage inflicted by Russia exceeds $500 billion.
War in Ukraine has prompted calls for a Marshall-style plan to help rebuild the country.
Australia's Labour party hopes to end nine years of conservative rule
Canada will block two of China's biggest telecom equipment firms from its 5G networks
The US accuses Russia of using food as a weapon of war.
Investors are worried about possible recession after steep Wall Street falls on Wednesday
Tens of billions of dollars are pledged to help ease the global food shortage.
The European Commission has revealed a proposal to reduce reliance on Russian energy
Elon Musk's planned takeover Twitter could be thwarted by concerns over spam accounts.
The UK outlined a plan to change the Brexit deal agreed with the EU on Northern Ireland
The latest on the crisis in Sri Lanka, where there is only one day's supply of fuel left.
Amid a wave of Covid lockdowns, there has been a sharp slowdown in the Chinese economy.