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Its a bid to help reduce European reliance on Russian energy
The US has announced it is to significantly boost liquefied natural gas supply to the EU
At a Nato summit in Brussels, its members have discussed boosting defence spending.
At a NATO summit in Brussels, its members have discussed boosting defence spending.
The move is aimed at boosting the national currency, which has weakened under sanctions
UK inflation could hit double digits this year.
Tesla's first European 'gigafactory' opens in Germany
Elon Musk and Chancellor Olaf Scholz were both at the opening ceremony
The UK's paid a multi-million pound debt to Iran over a failed arms deal from the 70's.
Sugar, flour and other essentials have become harder to find.
How is China's economy faring in this latest Covid-19 spike?
US warns China against actively supporting President Putin
The Ukrainian president spoke to the Bundestag, requesting further sanctions on Russia.
Ukraine's president suggests Germany is focused on economic interests ahead of ending war
COP26 climate pledges; delivering a billion covid vaccines; Tesla's trillion dollar value
The US has ordered 18 jets to move people from third countries after they have left Kabul
Clampdowns on tech companies have investors questioning the prospects
In the wake of the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan we consider the future of its media.
The BBC's Secunder Kermani gives us an update from Kabul
The International Monetary Fund says Afghanistan no longer has access to its resources