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Crime on the high seas June 22, 2020
We hear why high seas piracy is on the rise.
We hear how firms are marking Juneteenth, the anniversary of the end of slavery in the US
One of Germany's biggest payment services sees its shares drop by over 60%
Spain's migrant fruit pickers face tougher challenges than usual during coronavirus
Facebook has unveiled a range of measures aimed at combatting US election interference.
The Premier League football matches are played without spectators and beamed to screens
But there are growing calls to defund the police.
Coronavirus has hit the amount of money migrant workers can send their families back home
History making ruling by America's top court
Oil giant BP expects prices to fall as coronavirus accelerates a shift from fossil fuels
Protesters are worried about a new national security law
Rises in coronavirus cases threaten the year’s pilgrimages to Mecca and Medina
In the wake of a collapse in the Lebanese currency, public anger has boiled over.
Coronavirus cases are rising in several US states
Australia's prime minister says his country will not be 'intimidated' by China
The US Federal Reserve will keep interest rates near zero for the foreseeable future
The way big companies are reacting to Black Lives Matter protests has come into focus
Gregory Davis of Vanguard Asset Management discusses what the corporate world can do
France’s aviation sector has been granted a $17bn bailout by the government
France’s aviation sector has been granted a $17bn bailout by the government.