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Political Electricity Feb. 19, 2018

Electricity is crucial to modern life - and in the digital or electric vehicle age, that dependence is going to grow even more. But will we all get the power we need? Chris Bowlby discovers what life is like when power suddenly fails, and how a revolution in the way we generate electricity is posing huge political questions. This could give everyone secure, cheap power - or leave society divided between those with a bright future, and those left increasingly in the dark. Producer: Chris Bowlby Editor: Hugh Levinson.


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Professor James Tilley discovers how chimpanzee power struggles mirror human politics.
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A clumsy pass or harassment? Jo Fidgen asks: what are the new rules of relationships.
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How will the European Union change after Britain leaves?
What does the dangerous state of the Houses of Parliament tell us about our politics?
What happens when a machine faces a moral dilemma? David Edmonds investigates.
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The Fintech Revolution Oct. 2, 2017
Will technology radically reshape the highly profitable world of finance?
Reducing re-offending Aug. 30, 2017
The teams are given just one day to find ways to stop criminals re-offending
The teams have just one day to find solutions to the problem of childhood obesity
The Fix: Setting Up Home Aug. 17, 2017
Twelve of the country's brightest young minds gather to solve difficult social problems.
Understanding Prevent July 26, 2017
David Anderson examines the government's controversial counter-terrorism strategy Prevent
Paul Johnson asks if the policy's success has led to politicians stretching it too far.
The political theorist who argues that liberal democracy is in grave danger.