Great Moments In Science - with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki

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From the ground breaking and life saving to the wacky and implausible, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki reveals some of the best moments in science.

Measure Earth Oct. 30, 2018

Reckon you could measure the circumference of the Earth using just a stick and some basic geometry?


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For some snapping spaghetti is sacrilege — but for others it’s science.
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Many of us have microphones in our homes, attached to smart phones and personal assistant devices.
The faults in our bodies Sept. 4, 2018
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The loneliest ATM Aug. 21, 2018
Hint: the loneliest ATM is in a very, very cold place.
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Goldfish memory Aug. 7, 2018
The poor old goldfish has be slandered for far too long.
Having more vitamins will make you healthier... right?
Wasted food July 24, 2018
Humans waste a huge amount of food every year.
Daddy long legs July 17, 2018
Fact or fiction: Daddy-long-legs are the most poisonous spiders in the world?
Anaesthetic bomb July 10, 2018
Could a villain or hero knock out a room full of enemies with a so-called 'anaesthetic bomb'?
Humans vs volcanoes July 3, 2018
Which would win*: humans or volcanoes? (*In a fight over carbon emissions)
The dunes of Pluto June 26, 2018
Yup, there are dunes on Pluto — and in other parts of our Solar System.
A1 vs A2 milk June 19, 2018
Is it worth paying more for A2 milk? What's the evidence that it might be better for you?