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The Atheist Experience is a weekly cable access television show in Austin Texas geared at a non-atheist audience. It is produced by the Atheist Community of Austin. The Atheist Community of Austin is organized as a nonprofit educational corporation to develop and support the atheist community, to provide opportunities for socializing and friendship, to promote secular viewpoints, to encourage positive atheist culture, to defend the first amendment principle of state-church separation, to oppose discrimination against atheists and to work with other organizations in pursuit of common goals.

#23.18: Viewer Calls April 29, 2019

Matt Dillahunty and Cosmic Skeptic with guest Rationality Rules. Viewer Calls. UK Internet skeptics and freethinkers join Matt for this special show.


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Older Episodes

#23.17: Dog Whistles April 22, 2019
Tracie Harris and Clare Wuellner. Dog Whistles. Tracie talks about in-group messages hidden from plain view.
Matt Dillahunty and Phil Session. Live from the 2019 AA Convention. This episode was recorded April 20th at the American Atheists Convention in Cinn. OH.
Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. Religious Freedom Bills. Don talks about some of the legislative action in Texas and what's going on behind the scenes.
#23.14: Viewer Calls April 8, 2019
Tracie Harris with guest Phil Ferguson. Viewer Calls. Phil hosts the Phil Ferguson Show, covering skepticism, atheism, investment philosophies, economics, and politics.
#23.13: Theistic Family April 1, 2019
Matt Dillahunty and John Iacoletti. Theistic Family. Matt relates some stories about his theistic family.
#23.12: Atheist Day Recap March 25, 2019
Tracie Harris and Jen Peeples. Atheist Day Recap. Tracie and Jenn talk about how yesterday's Atheist Day events and speakers.
Tracie Harris and Don Baker. Failures in the News. Don talks about the Methodist schism and various sex abuse scandals.
#23.10: American Atheists March 11, 2019
Matt Dillahunty with guest Jim Helton. American Atheists. Jim Helton is promoting the upcoming AA convention in Cincinnati.
Tracie Harris and Phil Session. Methodist Discrimination. Tracie and Phil talk about the recent Methodist decision on same-sex relationships.
Tracie Harris and Jen Peeples. Gender Discrimination and Measles. Jen discusses gender discrimination in the draft and measles vaccination.
Matt Dillahunty with guest Shelley Segal. Musician Shelley Segal. Shelley Segal is an Australian singer and songwriter most known for music with secular themes.
Matt Dillahunty and Don Baker. Where are they now?. Don looks at 10 famous Christians and the things they have accomplished over the years.
#23.05: Viewer Calls Feb. 4, 2019
Tracie Harris and Matt Dillahunty. Viewer Calls. Tracie and Matt take callers.
Matt Dillahunty and John Iacoletti with guest Hector Garcia. Sex, Power, and Partisanship. Author Hector Garcia discusses his book.
Tracie Harris with guest Mandisa Thomas. Black Nonbelievers. Mandisa Thomas talks about what it's like to be a non-believer of color.
Matt Dillahunty with guest Noah Lugeons. The Scathing Atheist. Matt and Noah Lugeons, the Scathing Atheist, talk about attitudes about sex.
#23.01: ACA Goings On Jan. 7, 2019
Matt Dillahunty and Phil Session. ACA Goings On. Phil talks about the latest ACA volunteer efforts.
Tracie Harris and Jen Peeples. Why not strong atheism?. Jen describes an e-mail conversation where the writer wanted us to defend strong atheism.
#22.51: Best of 2018 Dec. 24, 2018
Mr. Atheist. Best of 2018. Year end clip/community wrap-up show.