Welcome to Night Vale

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Twice-monthly community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff's Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, and cultural events. Turn on your radio and hide. Welcome to Night Vale. (Produced by Commonplace Books. Written by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor. Narrated by Cecil Baldwin. On Twitter as NightValeRadio)

A Welcome to Night Vale live performance of our 2013 hit show CONDOS… Thursday July 9 at 8pm ET Tickets are pay-what-you-can starting at $5. The show features: Cecil Baldwin, Dylan Marron, Meg Bashwiner, Symphony Sanders, Mara Wilson, and Disparition. Join us next Thursday for a rare performance of a show that we haven’t ever toured.


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Older Episodes

To the family and friends of Intern Victor, we extend our condolences.
169 - The Whittler June 1, 2020
An old man sits on the steps of the old General Store whistling a lonesome tune.
168 - Secret Blotter May 15, 2020
For the first time ever, the Sheriff's Secret Police has made their blotter public.
167 - Echo May 1, 2020
The pilot has arrived, and so have his passengers.
166 - Delta April 15, 2020
The passengers have been found, or rather, they have found us.
165 - Charlie April 1, 2020
Who is Charles Rainier?
One more excerpt from our upcoming novel.
Joseph has a few things to chat about with you, and then we present the first episode of our new show, Our Plague Year, available wherever you get your podcasts.
There's a faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home. (Live at Largo)
163 - Bravo March 1, 2020
A new play premieres at the Night Vale Asylum. (Part 2 of 5)
162 - Alpha Feb. 15, 2020
Amelia Anna Alfaro was always the best at everything. (Part 1 of 5)
The first excerpt from our upcoming novel.
A second excerpt from A Spy in the Desert, now available on Bandcamp and iTunes!
161 - The Space Race Feb. 1, 2020
It's the annual Children's Fun Fact Science Presentation. Everything in this episode is true and educational.
A Spy in the Desert is now available on Bandcamp and iTunes!
A big announcement about our 2020 World Tour from Cecil Baldwin!
160 - The Weather Dec. 15, 2019
And now... the weather.
160 - The Weather Dec. 15, 2019
And now... the weather.
159 - Cat Show Dec. 1, 2019
It's time for the annual Cat Show.