Privacy Policy

Which kind of Personal Data data do we process?

When registering an account on, we store the following information about you:

  • E-Mail address

Which kind of Application Data do we process?

When using a client application with, we might store the following application-specific data:

  • User-supplied device name and type
  • Per-device subscription list of podcasts
  • Episode actions (e.g. play, download, delete) as sent by the client
  • User-generated content when created inside the client application

Depending on the client application you use, we might only store a subset of this data.

Why do we collect this data?

We need to store your e-mail address so that we can inform you about news regarding the service. The e-mail address is also used to check your identity to change the password in case of a forgotten password.

Your e-mail address is solely used for the purposes of contacting you in case we upgrade our service, and to reset a forgotten password. We will never sell your e-mail address or give it to third parties.

The application-specific data is collected as part of the service. Without collection application-specific data, the web service can not be used.

How do we protect this data?

We try to protect this data as much as possible by utilizing secure coding practices, and by making sure that updates to vital system packages are always applied from the operating system vendor that we happen to use.

Passwords are stored in hashed format, which means that we cannot retrieve your plaintext password from the database. Instead, when you enter your password, we compare its hash with the stored hash to check its validity. When you forget your password, we cannot tell you old your password, but you can set a new one.

Connections to the web site and API parts are protected via SSL (Secure Socket Layer) HTTP connection ("HTTPS"), so that the data is not sent in plain text over the network.

Code auditing

The code running this web service is open source, and can be audited by independent third parties. We are grateful for any improvement suggestions, and will try to integrate improvement suggestions as quickly as possible.


If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.