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Series that demystifies health issues, separating fact from fiction and bringing clarity to conflicting health advice.

How the NHS is going green to reduce its PPE waste.
The Inside Health insiders' guide to gene silencing therapies, could they change medicine?
What say do teens have over their Covid vaccine? And where next for vaccine science?
The Nobel Prize for Medicine, new plans to add nutrients to foods
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Few of us can identify the different parts of the vulva. James finds out why this matters.
Long Covid in children and treating normal blood pressure.
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How to tackle needle phobia and get the vaccine, plus one man's lateral flow experiment.
Recovery Trial March 23, 2021
One clinical trial set up in nine days has saved hundreds of thousands of lives globally.
Covid vaccination and the science behind the side-effects.
The challenge trial that infects people with coronavirus, and how games help the brain.
Contraception and sexual health during the Covid-19 pandemic. Tackling waiting lists.
How are people with long Covid being supported? James Gallagher investigates.
Covid Symptoms Feb. 9, 2021
Symptoms for Covid-19 test. Training your sense of smell. Delirium as a Covid-19 symptom.
Preventing coronavirus at the dentist, and can mouthwash really help kill coronavirus?
How to get back to exercise after recovering from Covid-19. Online physio to stop falls.
Could measuring oxygen levels at home, when people have covid, save lives?