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Daily programme highlights from BBC Radio News. Interviews and reports from BBC Radio 1, BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 5 live, the BBC Asian Network and the BBC World Service.

Global rise in number of asylum-seekers / Economic situation across the Eurozone / Does the BBC give too little attention to religion ? / Reliability of weather-forecasts.


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Prince Charles visits Syrian refugees in Jordan / Warning over police attitude towards rape-allegations / Was Russian businessman poisoned in UK ? / Race row over German childen's book.
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Problems facing Catholic church / How does Syria's history explain current crisis ? / Scientists find many new species in remote New Guinea.
No alternative on economy, says British PM / Berlusconi sentenced to year in prison / Jazz trumpeter Kenny Ball dies.
Thousands march with Chavez coffin / Breath test 'spots stomach cancer'.
China warns of challenges ahead / Helen Mirren to reclaim her crown in new play 'The Audience'.
Inquiry into alleged killings by UK troops in Iraq / Looking back at Iraq invasion - 10 years on / Has 2 year-old girl been cured of HIV ? / When it's OK to fall asleep in public.
Lessons of Eastleigh by-election / Kenya on eve of election / Calls for review of laws on undercover policing / Why people become addicted to alcohol.
US offers more help to Syria's rebels / How much sexism do women in UK politics face ? / Some lawyers exploit divorce cases / Novelist William Boyd on his first play.