WGN - The Mike McConnell Uncut Podcast

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The Mike McConnell podcast from WGN Radio 720

In the second hour of the show Mike discusses all of the abortion comments politicians have made this election season, and Mike also wonders if we make it easy to be poor.
Mike goes over some odds and ends, and discusses brands republicans prefer and brands democrats prefer.
In the final hour of the show Mike talks with Ilyce Glink, adviser on personal finance , about reverse mortgages. Also, Mike discusses President Obama's campaign.
Mike talks about a movie based on a game show that details a Brazilian woman who is selling her virginity to a Japanese man for over $750,000. Mike also discusses Domestic Violence Month with Jeffery Leving with Father's Rights.
Mike talks to Prof. Paul Green about the final presidential debate. Mike also discusses the current Lance Armstrong controversy.
Mike discusses former Chicago police officer Anthony Abbate's trial. Also, Mike talks with listeners with their experiences with police. And Mike is joined by Karen Greenburg, Director of the Center on National Security at Fordham Universtiy, to discuss the potential of a terrorist attack through the internet.
Mike goes over some odds and ends, and talks with Mary Stitts and Dr. Carol Pandak about World Polio Day.
Mike talks about a story involving a bus driver asking a rider and her one year old daughter, who's diaper was stinking up the bus, to get off. Also, Mike talks to Phillip Longman, Senior Research Fellow with the New America Foundation's Health Policy Program, about high speed rails in …
Mike discusses which magazines are still getting subscribers, and also discusses the passing of George Mcgovern.
Mike goes over some odds and ends, and talks about a story involving a teacher who had sexual relationships with seven students.
Mike talks with attorney Don Barrett targeting big food producers for mislabeling of products. Also, Mike discusses some of his favorite Halloween candy.
Mike continues the discussions of the most hated presidents in U.S. history. Also, Mike discusses a study that tested the mouth guards football players wear, and what they found on it.
Mike goes over some odds and ends, and discusses some of the most hated U.S. president's.
Mike talks with Larry Gerber, president of scholarships.com. Also, Mike also goes over the list of government waste.
Mike discusses a school board in East Aurora that passed a policy that addresses the needs of transgender students. Mike also talks to Sabrina Schaeffer, with the Independent Women's Forum, about women's wages in the work place.
Mike talks about a story of a teacher who had nude photos of herself on her iPad, and students that stumbled upon are now suspended. Also, Mike talks with Nate Silver, creator of PECOTA, a system that attempts to forecast the performance of MLB players.
Mike discusses a new government program that trains cops to stand on over- passes to look into cars to see if the driver is texting.
October is Pit-Bull Awareness Month, and Mike talks to animal expert Steve Dale about the pros and cons of the breed. Mike also talks with libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson about being excluded from debates, and polls, and also to get his thoughts on certain issues.
Mike discusses a story of a lady who was arrested after drunk driving after drinking hand sanitizer. Also, Mike talks to Prof. Paul Green to recap the presidential debate.
Mike meets with Prof. Paul Green to preview tonight's Presidential debate. Mike also talks about "Mix It Up Day" that is presented by the Southern Poverty Law Center. American Family Association Director of Issue Analysis Bryan Fischer joins Mike to discuss the AFA's disapproval of "Mix It Up Day."