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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion. This podcast is founded in the ideals of anarcho-syndacalism, anti-facism, and human rights. I stand in solidarity with all peopele of colour, of marginalised communities, and the oppressed around the globe.

13 gnuWorldOrder_13x40 Sept. 29, 2019
Is an open source operating system important? shasum -a256=4b0848c70077be1be3c9d1a8dd2e1d61404b9c19da704c449e609f264e87ea0c
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x39 Sept. 23, 2019
Listener feedback, the **nsenter** command by way of **unshare and Linux namespaces. If you're new to "cloud" computing and containers, these are technical building blocks. shasum -a256=e904380f0316259e6e2c924a324a3816fbf2c971d7597cc781cb0027690c7078
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x38 Sept. 16, 2019
First up: all about mcookie, mesg, and namei from util-linux. Then, a discussion of how one might transition to running Linux exclusively. Do you have a story of how you switched to Linux full-time? Do you not run Linux and just run as much open source as possible? E-mail Klaatu …
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x37 Sept. 8, 2019
Musings about 1337. shasum -a256=2d17f12751922898e1a8f7991f3570236f23ed19d17d402d6594a3b6e800c23e
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x36 Sept. 1, 2019
Slackware Linux has a Patreon account, and **/usr/bin/l*** from **util- linux**. shasum -a256=f6c4691151c12a386e9834cc5bfe1817ab126c8e0ff6b4fc4d00e1e244497804
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x35 Aug. 26, 2019
Recorded during Klaatu's stay in the US, more or less in response to someone commenting about him running Lua out of **/opt**, this episode is all about the **/opt** directory. It's also being posted a lot later than intended, so ignore the incorrect date. shasum -a256=c5143b83cda9edc586dbf76a3ceb8bb431434bce5ee5daf25bda145b6b4a2fdf
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x34 Aug. 20, 2019
Klaatu podcasts from a hotel in San Diego on his way to Open Source Summit 2019\. shasum -a256=0cb6d6c55555bdfd0f4941f5fe6137e41b638899d66efe7c78ea6e0ed5437d4f
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x33 Aug. 13, 2019
Klaatu podcasts whilst stranded in the Greyhound terminal 4E in Richmond, Virginia. shasum -a256=3fe4d60b987f8ff24d9bc555459947aa5eb3a4274e7a2aaf33aefa593b9c23c2
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x32 Aug. 5, 2019
Nextcloud tip, and the power user conundrum. shasum -a256=b3cbba0d2de3632cc37612be66c76654da72234d4c3f9ced3640bc1ae358db4c
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x31 July 29, 2019
An overview of Interprocess Communication with ipcmk, ipcs, and ipcrm from util-linux. See shownotes on the website for sample code. shasum -a256=0d0c0dc08cbe97f67062b249687efd69bfbd62b1862bd791a2ab79a64cdebcee
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x30 July 22, 2019
Fight the cloud by storing your passwords locally. In this episode, Klaatu praises the pass command. shasum -a256=d22ab25fa69869bbd0fec2488d803d6c92def36287e528cd92c555347a3e66d1
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x29 July 15, 2019
All about hexdump from util-linux. shasum -a256=7ebd2727fd8fcf03e7be0784f9b2c527a0dee06a7f6131433e853be524300a65
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x28 July 8, 2019
The fallocate, fdformat (sort of), and the flock commands from util-linux. shasum -a256=0005379e3a1964ae24f397a0bf29bf353d70d850a8d51922d44979bc4ff57404
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x27 July 1, 2019
Listener feedback, and a short review of GNOME 3. shasum -a256=443cd9b793233a8ac0f6b40dd8edfaecf8839ba3dcc1afd16852f45b0609e2ad
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x26 June 23, 2019
Listener feedback, and then a bunch of stuff about for-loops and batch processing. shasum -a256=f93feff4fcc74c215d3212bbce9cf716ea953524cbbe74481b16016ae6d6cd55
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x25 June 17, 2019
Short show this week, due to a move to the south island. Klaatu talks about metadata. shasum -a256=07eb9810a87ac5475b0f96029ededf53ceaf76d27ad5b8c3262d07b3d30983b3
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x24 June 7, 2019
The **ddate** command from the **util-linux** package, and all about Discordianism and the Church of the Subgenius! shasum -a256=5f5dcbf15af1af9282d57c2a987ee48787bbc9dade97e3b018b3d539b67ba956
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x23 June 1, 2019
Listener feedback, plus **colrm** and **column** from **util-linux**. Tip: To get information about strange characters in GNU Emacs, place your cursor on the character and then type **Alt**-**x** **describe-char** $ cat example.txt hello world $ cat example.txt | colrm 1 1 ello world $ cat example.txt | colrm 1 6 …
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x22 May 26, 2019
Why use the Linux desktop if the Desktop is dead anyway? Also, more **util- linux**: cal, chrt, col, and colcrt from /usr/bin. shasum -a256=0794da27c7cafa65a4aac2b8fb9a425868c3f6fa475f3c172028b687ba256c42
13 gnuWorldOrder_13x21 May 20, 2019
Listener feedback about zram and ziptool, and then a discussion about the term "open" shasum -a256=1ff841ce011c6cfbcc4ca1cf6586facc69cc1c5d37054b0b14a4180b74ce7438