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GNU, Linux, coffee, and subversion.

12 gnuWorldOrder_12x43 Oct. 22, 2018

Listener feedback, and learning new things. Also, musings about sweet tea, because technically Klaatu is in the American South, at the All Things Open conference, right now. shasum -a256=60ecb61c74f7dddf568545f447b8f309c05f36c5d0df748bb76192a41b3e8ffc


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12 gnuWorldOrder_12x42 Oct. 13, 2018
Some tips about gamepads on Linux, plus an overview of Antimicro. Also, Microsoft joins the Open Invention Network and brings its 60,000 patents along with it. Could this mean fancy things like native NTFS and exFAT support? the end of patent trolling? Klaatu speculates. shasum -a256=36fe3e39efcab41bf86953e06ea9a4a936ec549e5c58fc84da1d6e1ae6d56b1f
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x41 Oct. 8, 2018
A quick episode about broadwayd, which is not a musical venue, but a cool display server that runs GTK3 apps in a web browser. shasum -a256=125a52706aa5ce52d247725fb39c11421e1180178a047f3bd968b076be0ee3b9
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x40 Sept. 30, 2018
Listener email, and some pretty neato POSIX tips. shasum -a256=8100a3fa3f149d9c8e855df247e66f68bbdd956c68aef953f36a8aaead216c71
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x39 Sept. 24, 2018, the other other place for gaming on Linux. shasum -a256=c61dcf13226cf2f75ca1ea470eb3f139efedb7ee3999032e9ed5a86b0c7ce536
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x38 Sept. 16, 2018
A review of Lutris, the open gaming platform. Also, thoughts about learning new technology, based on Klaaut's experience with Fossil, compared to Git. shasum -a256=e63b5fb10b37083253f397cfa62158ce57fd8c4ecb015f4dff3c2eb59946fb53
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x37 Sept. 10, 2018
Klaatu reviews Jeff Bigler's blog post from 22 years ago about the communication gap between nerds and "normal" people. shasum -a256=50df55271815c52f6a54e5775fa8b0099f8efc1b991dfc15f2b3693f768d6043
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x36 Sept. 2, 2018
A sed tip, a killall comment, Steam rumours confirmed, and the woeful 90-10 problem. shasum -a256=377f7500d183b85bd0724cd2b31f7005da142aa00e89dae15b16e3f9032ba179
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x35 Aug. 27, 2018
Fedberry, the latest Fedora remix for the Pi 2 and 3. Also, rumours about Steam OS shipping with a compatibility layer so you can play Windows games on Steam OS. The rumour mill spins faster than this show's release schedule, and apparently Valve has confirmed that it is going to ...
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x34 Aug. 19, 2018
Quota, rpm2tgz, sdparm, sed, shadow, and shar. shasum -a256=6212ce1c4fe784ce1711cc8b98083018c6b2cec289b1bc7a336c68753717750c
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x33 Aug. 12, 2018
A quick Git tip for tagging releases in an automated way, and some responses to listener feedback. shasum -a256=3f75f909fccd53f2932fd4ef72ba86b78e701a0945c5879ecb1773bed879e928
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x32 Aug. 5, 2018
Listener feedback, Slackware donations, and musings about how the modern Internet is financed. shasum -a256=c834de0372634eebd8b1e085118437df2fc7af018d6733e865ce25a372aa3592
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x31 July 30, 2018
The art and science of software evaluation. shasum -a256=25e59a59c383b6035ab6080cb4b03a3f69bed0e310c6a1cb06cf0a84a8ebcc38
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x30 July 23, 2018
Can you find the PID of a process, then learn what command launched it, and then kill or modify it? Listen to this episode, all about procps-ng, and you will! shasum -a256=f7c8133c830d54e1cef352c5ae3c10ea35dc0f96282f6d18fe4f591cc3afbd6f
12 gnuWorldOrder_12xslack July 18, 2018
Bonus episode! 25 reasons to try Slackware on its 25th anniversary. shasum -a256=8e53bdd8c8ef2fe0922d902cef9eba3821a0dd28016485544da3368dc30fbac7
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x29 July 16, 2018
Slackware packages in the **a** package set. In this episode, **OpenSSL**, **osprober**, **patch**, **pciutils**, **pcmciautils**, **pkgtools**. shasum -a256=91061e59655ee7d2bb0cc6c0a0ca7b3b50197d98844be1e83a30ab7095582967
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x28 July 9, 2018
8 reasons to use Guile from listener @ixn, and a little bit about packaging up a kernel upgrade on Slackware. shasum -a256=2ee7fd6cd7f73944e6e3ba928e267190e70ce81117edab8c541998936af97b6f
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x27 July 2, 2018
A buncha listener feedback, with a few tips and tricks, courtesy of _you_. shasum -a256=8d2f5b6309334078b61e373423bc89bc65c71feb1f73a861de80ecbbbd5505be
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x26 June 25, 2018
Seven reasons you should be using Lua. Procedural programming and anonymous functions. See [Lua for Python programmers]( for examples. []( package manager. Predictable syntax. ` $ python >>> foo = 10 >>> if foo is 10: print("yes") >>> if foo is less than 10: print("yes") Error. ` Arrays, lists, dicts, ...
12 gnuWorldOrder_12x25 June 18, 2018
In praise of Nextcloud. shasum -a256=d8b4d641eae0c9d34c01bfd148d41e8720bf12780ebbfd2230a4c4a0776468fa